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  • Real time stable infusion: Motor monitoring makes real-time infusion more stable. 
  • accurate infusion over long periods of time: Peristaltic motor designed to preserve tubing integrity, avoiding compression-related inaccuracies over long infusions.


Support blood transfusion

BeneFusion VP3 Vet can not only be used for infusion of fluids or medications, but is also medically approved for blood transfusions.



  • High level of resistance to water and dust: IP34.
  • Intelligent Occlusion Management System: DPS and anti-bolus,6 adjustable air bubble detection levels, starting at 20 microliters.


Easy to use

  • Quick guidance, training-free operation.
  • Graphic alarm with animation display, easy to identify and locate the issues.
  • Universal pole clamp for cage mounting (optional).
  • Brand management function (Pre-configured IV sets: Add/Modify).
  • Unique volume collection function in 4 methods for angiography operation, endovascular therapy and postoperative observation.

BeneFusion VP3 Vet

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