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As veterinary medicine advances, the demand for high-quality veterinary equipment increases. The Mindray ePM 12M Vet focuses on progressive design, making this monitor smart and simple.


  • High-Definition Capacitive Touch Screen
  • Gesture controls creates a smartphone-like user experience
  • Two-step operations streamline use


Excellent Performance

ePM 12M Vet supports advanced parameters with excellent and accurate performance. Innovative CrozFusion technology can provide continuous and stable performance during environmental interference.


Precise algorithms

  • NIBP: Veterinary-specific; weak-signal tolerant and anti-interference algorithm
  • ECG: Multi-lead analysis algorithm, a patented Mindray Exclusive
  • SpO2: Low perfusion and anti-motion algorithm


Comprehensive parameter monitoring

  • Innovative design of lifting handle and flexible expansion
  • Supports advanced parameters: CO2, 4-IBP, C.O., AG, O2
  • CO2:Artema technology, with 30 years of technical expertise

For ePM series veterinary monitor North American version: Mindray supports Masimo SpO2 technology



Joint analysis of ECG、SpO2 signals guarantees stable and accurate performance during periods of poor contact or electrical interference. Reduces false arrythmia alarms and alleviates alarm fatigue.


Smart & Simple

The ePM 12M Vet provides doctors and nurses with smart applications and richer intraoperative information, making monitoring more convenient, and supporting surgery more efficiently.


Smart lead-switch & Visible alarm

  • Automatically switches to an available lead if the mainECG lead detaches, ensuring continuous monitoring
  • One click confirms which lead is detached, increasing troubleshooting efficiency


Target reference range display

  • Target range dashboard for key parameters helps focus on key parameters during surgery
  • Customizable target ranges and customizable key parameter selection


Customized configuration

  • Memory for up to 25 customized configurations. Identifiable configurations with different alarm limit settings for different species or patients
  • Supports one-click USB drive loading, avoiding repeated manual changes of configuration


Reliable Quality

The ePM 12M Vet comes equipped with a high-quality shell and accessories. They are safe, durable, and built to last.


High-quality shell materials

The ePM Vet line has been proven to withstand 49 types of cleaners and disinfectants, with no surface degradation or compromise.


No-fan design

  • Keeps fur out of equipment
  • Reduces cross-contamination, protecting the health of patients and staf
  • No internal dust, extending the life of the monitor


Professional animal-accessories

  • Better fit the animal skin, more stable contact
  • Match for multiple animal size, reduce harm to animals
  • Thousands of times bending test, guaranteed to be reliable and durable for the accessories

ePM 12M Vet

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