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Simple operation experience with an intuitive workflow

High Definition Touch Screen

State-of-the-art fingertip operation, even with gel-covered gloves, provides simple control and setting optimization at the swipe of a finger.


Gesture-Based Workflow

Gesture controls are the most efficient way to satisfy all clinical functions and also allow flexibility of user-programming.


Superior performance with focused features


iVocal allows you to control the system with Artificial Intelligence voice recognition technology. It applies extensive yet straightforward voice remote commands through a wireless microphone, further enhancing ultrasound users’ comfort and ergonomics during the entire procedure, supporting Adding, Deleting, and Renaming voice commands for user-defined command list.



The second-generation needle enhancement technology allows a straightforward needle approach to target and enhanced accuracy for guided procedures.


Transducer with Programmable Buttons

The L12-3RCs with three programmable buttons ensure simple, fast, and convenient control without touching the system, letting you focus more on patient care. The optimally positioned keys can be defined as depth & gain adjustment, freeze & unfreeze, save image & cine, and more.


TE5 Vet

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