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WATO EX-20Vet is designed for the demanding veterinary environment, we know you value animal life as much as human being. so do we dedicate ourselves to design machine that is safe for veterinary Inhalation anesthesia use. 



Unlike most pneumatic-controlled ventilators on the veterinary market, the WATO EX-20 Vet is equipped with an electronically-controlled ventilator. This allows users to have more control over gas delivery and to choose a ventilation mode that more appropriately fits their patient’s clinical needs.



Inside the highly-praised WATO user interface, clinically-significant settings and functions are easily accessible, keeping users from getting lost in a complex menu. Additionally, the system can perform automatic leak testing to keep the pre-operative workflow moving smoothly.



The pressure control ventilation mode on the WATO EX-20 Vet is electronically controlled and highly precise, able to deliver tidal volumes as low as 5 mL. This anesthesia system can also supply an auxiliary common gas outlet, or ACGO, for patients using a non-rebreathing circuit.

WATO EX-20 Vet

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