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Enhanced Safety

Employing the latest technologies, the WATO EX-35Vet supports an extensive range of features and functionality, ensuring all anesthetic procedures are delivered safely, efficiently, and effectively.


Precise Veterinary Ventilator

WATO EX-35Vet offers a full range of controlled and supportive modes of ventilation; with dynamic tidal volume compensation, tidal volumes can reach as low as 5 mL. Intelligent ventilation mode PCV-VG* combines the advantages of pressure-controlled ventilation with the volume guarantee of volume-controlled ventilation, avoiding lung injury.


Extensive Physiological Monitoring

With WATO EX-35Vet, important ventilation parameters are displayed prominently, allowing anesthetists to ensure their patients’ safety during surgery.

  • Up to 3 simultaneous waveform displays 
  • Monitored parameters include airway pressures, tidal volume, respiratory rate, and minute volume, among others.
  • Plug-and-Play CO2 module or anesthetic agent module can monitor patient respiration, soda lime consumption, and concentration of anesthetic gases.*
  • The system can provide up to 3 types of spirometry loop: Flow-Volume loop, Pressure-Volume, Pressure-Flow loop.* 


Stable Anesthetic Delivery

The V60 Vaporizer’s automatic flow-temperature-pressure compensation ensures an accurate and constant concentration of inhalant anesthetic agents under any environmental condition.

  • FDA & CE approved
  • Calibration-free design
  • Strict quality testing for human medical standards


Better Usability

The WATO EX-35Vet has been developed to make your routine workflow easier. A feature rich, ergonomically designed anesthesia system that can be positioned with ease and used for prolonged periods without experiencing unnecessary stress or fatigue.


Easier Settings with Touch-screen

  • 10.4 inch high resolution screen
  • Common operations in less than 3 steps


Integrated Breathing System

  • Switch between manual and mechanical ventilation quickly 
  • Switch between rebreathing and non-rebreathing circuit quickly 
  • Transparent soda lime canister, clear to observe and ease to disassemble
  • Heated module to avoid flow monitoring shifted by the condensate, and deliver warmer gas to animals


Automatic Leak Testing

  • Graphic and written on-screen instructions, including troubleshooting
  • Automatic calculation of appropriate compensation flow rate


Gas Scavenging Solution

  • Optional passive or active gas scavenging solution
  • Reduces waste gases in the environment, keeping staff safe

* Only supporting animals under 200 pounds

WATO EX-35 Vet

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